Alabama Voters: Second Thoughts On Alleged Child Molester

Alabama Voters: Second Thoughts On Alleged Child Molester

Although Doug Jones won tonight, some Alabama voters  thought it a swell idea to vote for an alleged child molester, a racist, and an overall creature of Satan’s flaming bowels.

Alabama Voters Said “Not Today Bytch!”

alabama voters
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I am quite offended that a sub-group of our population (Alabama Voters) weren’t appalled that this abhorrent creature (Roy Moore) stated that black people were better off as slaves. Cultural identity and norms of African slaves were destroyed, and slaves were forced to accept European norms. Families were sold off to the highest bidder, and babes were torn from their mother’s breasts. I understand that black history does not interest some folks in Alabama, but why has empathy for your fellow American disappeared in this country.

And let me say this to Roy Moore, it will be a cold day in hell before slavery is reenacted in this country. There will be a Civil War II in which black people will destroy ALL this shyt. We will die before living a life of forced servitude. We will not let the past become our future.

Mr. Moore, you rode in on your stanking azz horse to vote, and you need to ride out of this bytch on your wife, who appears to be  apart of the low-functioning equestrian family.

 Evangelical Voters Suck!

Alabama Voters
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Furthermore, Alabama Evangelicals voted for Roy Moore in considerable numbers, mainly due to his support of the eradication of abortions. I will try to refrain from offending the evangelicals of Alabama, but they aren’t too smart when considering the abortion argument. Conservative Republicans render judgement against these women and guilt them into having children they can’t afford, and then Republican politicians vote to eradicate health insurance for children in need. Sorry Evangelicals, you about to get it too. Fck you with a long herpes-infested poll, and please get back to reading your bible. I understand that Alabama is a poor state of conservative voters with low levels of cognitive function, but that doesn’t mean you subject people to horrible politicians who could care less about your ignorant azz anyway.

This entire Alabama election is about hate; it’s about a generational mindset that runs deep in the hearts of SOME Alabamians. It’s about a poor state who only feels superior when they can make the lives of “the other” worse than their already substandard quality of living.

While watching the results from home, I truly thought that this revolting, limp-dick cow would actually win the election. I was so disappointed that the race was so close. But as someone told me today, this is nothing new. People don’t care about “the other”, they prefer to maintain their historical hatred for people of color, despite the fact that these Republican senators are robbing them blind and taking advantage of their infantile cognitive processes.

Although I have talked a lot of shyt about some Alabamians in this article, I will continue to pray for their minds and hearts. I congratulate the people of color who voted in mass to ensure that Alabama wasn’t ruled by a disgusting senior citizen who rides horses as a form of transportation. That just ain’t right!


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  1. My godfather was from Alabama, so I’ve always been interested in the state. I really don’t get evangelicals. Ok, I get the part about thou shall not kill (personally I think abortion is already hard enough of a choice to make), but don’t they get that killing a child slowly is also a sin?

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I’m a Christian…with a sense of humor. Maybe a little more realistic than evangelicals. But I don’t believe in abortion for myself, but have known people who have gotten them. It’s not an easy choice at all. We all sin. For me, it’s daily. Lol but seriously, abortion is difficult, especially when considering the right of a woman. She should have the choice to make those decisions. But it’s ok to have our own opinions about this delicate matter. But this article highlights the horrible fact that despite this man being a disgusting perpetrator, people are still willing to vote for him. None of us are perfect, but allowing our leaders to be substandard immoral monstrosities could be the end of our government. We have to take the reigns, whether it be democratic or republican.

      1. I’ve never been in that situation myself, but I’ve had several friends who have been, and like you said, the choice really isn’t easy. I’ve actually stopped counting my sins. My views on and understanding of religion clashes with that of many fanaticals. I believe that God doesn’t just want for us to have a sense of humor, but that He has one as well. A very refined, albeit morbid sense of humor at times. That’s the problems with most fanaticals (I always call them that), no sense of humor.

        It should be the woman’s choice. And what you said about leaders, so true. The country in which I have voting rights (France) seems to be doing ok, much better than the country I’m in now (Hungary). Since I basically grew up in the States, I also consider myself my American.

        And I know you said it, it’s because of abortion. And there are other factors that come into play. But how do you even begin to lie to yourself about these monsters? I guess the only way is to stick your head in the sand. I have relatives who are racist, so I get why they support the leaders they do. But since I keep the heck (don’t want to swear on a fellow blogger’s blog) away from them, I don’t feel like breaking the silence to get my answers. Maybe I should though. To gain insight. Most of them probably wouldn’t even sit at a table with my godfather because he’s black. Sorry, detailed a bit there. But these things are always connected somehow, and they really get to me.

        1. In the end, some portions of life sucks! But my heart goes out to all sinners and saints alike. I can only say that now because I have an outlet to release the frustration through blogging. The world is sick, but that’s okay because there are still good people who inhabit it.

  2. As an old white guy who doesn’t ride a horse I agree with most of what you said. Something like 62 million people voted for Trump. Many have all kinds of BS claims as to why. My opinion is that after 8 years of an African-American who had more brain power than all 62 million of them, they weren’t about to have a women President. Any of those 62 million who voted for him or 42 million who didn’t vote at all who still support Mr. Trump can be lumped in with those F______king Alabamians who voted for Moore. 97% of African-Americans voted for Jones. I pray white American wakes up to reality by November, 2018.

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