American Dreamers Aren’t Fleeing Ice Agents

American Dreamers Aren’t Fleeing Ice Agents

Trump’s State of the Union Address was overshadowed by his statement “Americans are Dreamers too.” It’s problematic when Trump’s followers don’t know the difference between undocumented immigrants and Americans who strive for the American dream.

Trump’s Dreamers Comment



Trump trolls gushed about his statement and declared him the best president ever.  Trump supporters forget that some undocumented children are involuntarily brought to the United States by their parents. The government attempted to create policy that would allow Dreamers to remain in the United States legally. To sane Americans, the statement about Americans being dreamers too is quite cretinous. Americans want to live the American dream and provide a good life for our families. Americans are not fleeing ICE agents and fearing deportation on a daily basis.

Shame on the President and the Republican Party for sending our country into a tailspin of immoral ineptitude. The only real agenda for our government is to ensure that the wealthy increase their dividends.

Illegal immigrants are also threatening the jobs of Republicans, which is why their horrible party does not want more Latino individuals in the country. The party believes that Latino voters are more likely to vote Democratic.


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  1. Oh but good Americans are always scared. They have to be. It makes for a good American after all. The fear, the constant fear. Of The Other taking what is rightfully mine (whatever that may be). Which, of course, the Dreamers plotted the minute they set foot on American soil. Because that’s what they came to do.

    It’s the same climate of fear here. They make it up as they go along to guarantee votes. And people lap it up. Those kids make better contributions to society than any of his knuckle draggers. And why should someone be punished for something they had no control over?

    But isn’t that a typical narcissistic thing to do, take the most painful thing you can find in The Other and make it your own? Because no one is allowed to suffer more than you do?

    1. I am every intrigued by the political climate in your country, would you like to be a guest blogger to get your story out there! I love learning more about other countries and their politics…the good and the bad.

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