Childhood Trauma and Spiritual Resilience

Childhood Trauma and Spiritual Resilience

There are a plethora of books chronicling the lives of victims who have experienced severe childhood trauma; nevertheless, the author of the book, “Just Be”, was endowed with the strength of the Lord to share her spiritual testimony about her experiences of severe childhood trauma and familial discord.

Childhood Trauma

Youth that have a natural ability to exhibit resilience, which transitions into adulthood, are capable of leading normal lives…on the surface. Childhood trauma and maltreatment doesn’t solely include physiological trauma, but lifelong psychological trauma. Untreated trauma negatively invades personal and familial relationships like a cancer, and can result in psychopathology.

Childhood Trauma and Spiritual Resilience

The experience of childhood trauma may not cause homelessness or drug addiction for resilient youth and adults; however, normative socialization is dramatically altered, which causes erroneous environmental perceptions. The idea of environment is everything and every person within that environment. The universal interaction of environment is distinctively unique; however, victims of childhood trauma may perceive their interaction with the environment outside of distinctive societal norms, which also causes abnormal and maladaptive reactivity.

Significant Psychological Trauma

A resilient adult with past childhood trauma and maltreatment can be the principal of your child’s elementary school, or the physician treating your illness. On the surface, these are professionals who are leading satisfying and productive lives; but in reality, the same principal of your child’s elementary school is a compulsive gambler and lives with his mother to continue funding his habit. The knowledgeable physician, successfully treating your illness, has been married twice, and is prone to promiscuous and unhealthy behaviors. Victims of trauma often utilize maladaptive coping strategies to avoid ruminating thoughts of past trauma.

Childhood Trauma Confronting Past Trauma

This book is a dynamic record of a resilient and educated woman who has utilized spiritual coping to guide her through past childhood maltreatment and family discord. Although the author has found solace in her walk with the Lord, she continues to endure life challenges from the past and the present. Sharing her story has been her therapeutic release and Godly mission to encourage and elevate others who have experienced any type of severe trauma.

If you are an adult or youth struggling with past childhood trauma, reading this book is essential to start your healing process. You will immediately connect with the author and relate to her experiences. Her words are a consolation that you are not alone.

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    @SuperGirl Advent, this is amazing! I’m so blessed to know that you have been touched by the contents of my books, and it’s my prayer that many others find peace and spiritual growth and healing within their own lives. Thanks again for your tremendous effort and support with my book. Blessing!

  2. Childhood trauma rolls over into adulthood trauma. It justifies irrational decisions and creates a false reality for the victim when he or she becomes an adult. Professional and ongoing treatment must be utilized to address the trauma. I recommend trauma focus therapy.

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