Cuomo Owns Conway CNN

Cuomo Owns Conway CNN

Cuomo Owns Conway- CNN. Tonight, during Chris Cuomo’s Great Debate with Kellyanne Conway, he totally owned her stank-azz into submission.

 Cuomo Owns Conway-CNN and said “Not Today Bytch.”

Let’s get something straight, most people who are decent Americans can’t stand this lying broad. She can spin anything, and she will never answer a straight question. Well, she decided to visit the wrong cable news show because Cuomo called her on her shyt, making her look like Trump’s fool. Cuomo and Conway clashed on youtube for about 20 minutes. It was the epitome of entertainment.

Instead of informing the American people about the President’s latest criminal scandal, she wanted to talk about crap that we already know. We know that Trump touts the economy and his intentions regarding prison reform. For that, Cuomo said ok that’s great, but bytch, what about these scandals? And of course, in regular Kellyanne Conway fashion, she started gripping about the media being mean to Trump. Cuomo wasn’t going for it and basically said, “not today bytch.”

If you have been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, you may not have gotten the scoop that Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, has taken a plea deal to flip on our disgusting president. Not only that, the president’s media mogul friend at the National Inquirer has also decided to flip on the orange corrosion. It’s been a very sad day for the president, but a very happy day for the American media.

Why does it feel so good that Cuomo owns Conway-CNN?

Because Cuomo is reasonable, and he is saying exactly what most Americans was to say to this unattractive witch who, for some reason, does not believe in plastic surgery. Okay, that was mean. But she started it first with her lies.

Cuomo Owns conway cnn
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