Dear Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump,

It is with amplified disdain and disrespect that I address you so informally, which is comparable to your ignoble station, as our president and sack of rotten organs.

dear donald trump
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Despite your recent Tax “Jobs” Bill victory, which quoted in your own words, made your wealthy comrades “very rich,” you are still viewed by human beings in many countries as an inhumane, battered stable horse who continues prancing in the dirt undeterred by the disdain of your uselessness.

The great American people elected our alleged dear Donald Trump, and although there was an overwhelming feeling of sadness and fear among specific populations in this country, we were urged to give you a chance by both liberal and conservative politicians. There were even African American and Hispanic non-supporters encouraging just an inch of submissiveness from the hesitant minority electorate. We were urged to forget about you building a wall and your declaration of war on healthcare.

Historically, presidents are elected due to rapid changes in our society.  President Barack Obama was elected after Republican President George Bush sent our economy into a recession and gas prices were steadily increasing; however, you were elected under the guise of national patriotism, which in all imperceptibility was a backlash encompassing racist and sexist undertones.

Dear Donald Trump
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You flew around this great country, spewing such adverse vile as “Make American Great Again,” and yet could never disseminate in plurality the signification of such nationalistic phrase. I’ve always thought this country was great, even when the laws and our representatives fell short of our values. Even when you embarrassed our great country with your substandard respect of the office.

Although I jokingly relate to your orgy of followers as brain-dead zombies, they aren’t purely ignorant of your agenda. Politics has a way of causing subgroups of the electorate to lose all empathy for their fellow Americans, and vote against their interests due to deep rooted hate that has endured the test of time.

I’ve concluded that your capacity to care for even the most ignorant of your base is nonexistent; however, this ignorant electorate has drenched themselves in false hope that a billionaire reality star will wash away their problems or understand an inkling of their daily struggle.

My dear unintelligent and most hated President of these United States, I pray that after your stain on this country has permeated into nonexistence, that our already great nation is able to figuratively rise from the ashes of disgust and turbulence, and shine bright with class and integrity once again. I pray that your walking, living, and breathing perversion does not entirely taint our humanity. I pray that such a cataclysmic monstrosity, resembling that of pig entrails, does not permanently scar our great nation, and alienate us from further greatness and tranquility.

And finally, my feeble minded ignoble perversion of nature (Dear Donald Trump), I pray that all Americans can come together, despite our differences, and inscribe you in history as the most divisive and abhorrent presidential creature that this country has ever elected. realdonaldtrump political humor trump news



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