Dear Republicans

Dear Republicans

Dear Republicans,

Our dear Republicans, you have become a bloated party of cantankerous intentions. Your history has progressed from the party of “family values,” to the amoral and sleazy party of Donald Trump. Republicans have sold their soul to an ill fitted demagogue, and will allow him to sell America to Russia for $10 and a night with a Russian prostitute, if it results in the lining of their pockets. The republican party is very strategic with their rhetoric and spin, and have transformed themselves into a party system of greed, hate, and injustice. political humor politics

Dear Republicans
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With a seemingly insane semi-dictator sitting in the oval office, Republicans strategically ignore Trump’s mental instability and personality deficits to line their pockets with tax breaks and corporate welfare dollars. Republicans are excitedly betraying the American people by passing every socially destructive bill possible; knowing that our idiot President doesn’t have a clue or even cares about the pending damage of his signature.

Social and Environmental Injustice

Republicans are grossly focused on financing their campaigns and licking their donor’s azzes, that they aren’t concerned about the social injustices that they are indirectly contributing to throughout the country.

The Americans of Flint, Michigan are STILL being poisoned. Continued support of environmental deregulation is a symbolic spit in the face of people who are suffering with chronic adverse health effects. Corporations are legally dumping waste into our water supply and polluting our air because they are funding government entities to pass legislation solely based on their economic interests.

Furthermore, Republicans have trampled upon women’s rights to satisfy their unreasonable constituents who prefer female subjugation. A woman’s uterus should not be legislated as if the government has a claim to a piece of inferior property.

And I can’t forget to mention the intentional erosion and suppression of voting rights of the economically challenged and people of color. Consequentially, the subversion of voting rights is a malicious act upon the American citizenry. The ideological and historic foundation of this country is built upon  destruction of the basic humans rights of marginalized communities.

The Future of the Republican Party

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This article is nothing but personal complaints of a proud American who holds politicians to a higher standard. There has been a degeneration of political parties as our country ages and our values change. Republicans no longer honor family values or fiscal responsibility, but are on a catastrophic mission to maintain political power and achieve financial gain no matter the collateral damage.


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