Donald Trump Drama: G7 Summit 2018 An Utter Disaster

Donald Trump Drama: G7 Summit 2018 An Utter Disaster

Trump tantrumed his way through the G7 Summit and eventually ditched the affair to meet with a murderous dictator. Obama has set up a growing economy for President Trump to be successful; however, since taking office, he has literally been on a path of fcking America from every crevice possible. All he had to do was keep the status quo and take credit for doing absolutely nothing.  

G7 Summit
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Trump’s G7 Summit Tantrum

On June 8, 2018, at the G7 summit, President Trump arrived late and abandoned the meeting early to have a meeting with the North Korean dictator, Kim Jung-Un. And we can’t forget the interview in which Trump stated that Russia should be allowed back into the summit. I guess he forgets that Russia interfered in our election, an act of fckn war.

This summit is a meeting with international allies to speak about trade and an array of world matters. Unfortunately, Trump reported that our allies are taking advantage of the United States through unfair tariffs, and essentially labeled our allies a risk to national security.

Canada Ain’t Playing

Canadian Prime Minister, and sexy muffin-fluff, Justin Trudeau, expressed his disappointment of being considered a national security threat to the United States for the sole purpose of imposing tariffs. Canada and the US have always had a special relationship in which both countries were able to financially benefit economically.

Trump has been very consistent with his nationalistic agenda, which was introduced during the 2016 election. He ran on an “America First” platform and his base ate it up because they felt left behind by the Obama administration. Unfortunately, if you alienate the entire world, the United States will inevitably suffer. We do not exist on this planet alone, we must have beneficial diplomatic relationships.

Where are the Damn Republicans?

The state of our nation should not be blamed on one party alone, but Republicans are currently in power and they have not reassured the American people that our president will not sell us to Russia or North Korea because of flattery and compliments. We have never had a president who was more interested in being accepted by dictators than allies. Why aren’t the Republicans standing up for Americans instead of being silent while the orange dictator puts our international standing in jeopardy.

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