Donald Trump Targets Amazon

Donald Trump Targets Amazon

Here we go again my fellow Americans, Donald Trump targets Amazon, a multi billion dollar entity that puts Trump’s business to shame, and the US Postal Service, his own government agency. Tell us Mr. President, aside from Russian hookers and toilet tweeting, what do you like about America?

Donald Trump targets these US entities via Twitter, his main platform of foolery, to show his disapproval of USPS shipping rates for Amazon.

Donald Trump Targets

One question for our bloated leader is why he would want such a popular company charged more for shipping, which will ultimately cost Americans more money. Are you trying to kill the economy Mr. Trumphbj? I’m like every other consumer, I ain’t paying high azz fees for shipping. Collectively, the refusal of consumers to purchase items online, due to a hike in shipping, will have a significant effect on the economy.

Donald Trump Targets His Own Government

Why is he so volatile all the fckn time? It seems that Trump only targets American entities that hurt his bottom line, or to save face with his rich counterparts. Trump and the owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, had words a few months back in the media after Trump had the damn nerve to criticize the company for failing to pay taxes. Trump has bragged about his failure to pay taxes, and yet feels others should be paying taxes out of their azzes. What a presidential idiot?

Most people who get the gist of Trump’s personality believe that his domestic attacks stem from jealousy and resentment. Amazon is a company that has continued to grow and thrive, and it has become a staple for many regular American households. When compared with the Trump organization, which has filed bankruptcy for many moons, rational Americans can understand the jealousy of our toddler-in-chief.

The simple fact of the matter is, you can not dictate prices solely because you don’t like the owner of a company. Please at least make a small attempt to demonstrate that you are a full and grown adult with some experience in class and intelligence.

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  1. Actually, he can. In his own mind. Because he is King. This human excrement has one thing going for him in my book, he made me realize who the narcissists around me are. Same behavior. Petty jealousy, always feel threatened, so they attack. And the more you like someone, the more they will find fault with them. I swear to them every word they say is true. In that particular moment. I’m seriously not trying to defend them. Just trying to understand where it’s all coming from.

    1. Yeah, its really sad that we can’t have a real adult in the White House. He really has to be neutral when dealing with American entities because it seems more of a dictatorship than a presidency. I just hope that he gets his shyt together.

  2. I don’t see that what you’re asking of this person is possible. I gave up early in in presidency when he met with the president of China and said there was cake and it was the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake he’d ever seen. I was like, damn, that’s what he got coming out of that meeting? So, you know what? I don’t know if I can ever be disappointed with what he vomits into the public. His wiring is mucked up and the quicker we com to grips with that, the more we’re able to focus on people who do make sense. I do get it, however. The moment you start having a humane conversation with a rational adult, a wild dog comes out of nowhere and tears into your badoonka.

    1. lmao! I remember thinking the same thing after his cake comment. He is just totally clueless that he is fcking up the credibility of the US. Other world leaders be laughing their asses off at our president. And Britain basically banned him from visiting. its really a damn shame.

      1. He lives in an alternate universe. His kids aren’t very bright either. The arrogance precedes everything else. He’s not a humanitarian and his intellect is somewhere in the teens. I don’t know if anyone truly loves him. His material wealth is the attraction.

  3. a full and grown adult with some experience in class and intelligence. That ship has sailed, and don’t ever expect it to return. It is truly sad, that he people who won’t agree with him, as he wants to be put on a pedestal, and be worshiped like the idiot in N Korea…

    1. I usually refer to the present WH occupant as:
      – Dear Leader (if you know me in real life, you’ll know how sarcastic my voice sounds in that case. If not, imagine it anyway).
      – Human excrement
      – Sitting / Walking Eagle (after the joke).

      And a few others I can’t think right now. Sad as it is that he’s in power, I’m glad there are blogs like this, where we can discuss this and know we’re not alone.

  4. Here we go. The orange WH occupant now putting out clearly untrue propaganda about the owner of the Washington Post in order to damage one of his detractors. The occupant is using all the dictator tricks he can to end democracy. I find myself praying for things that are clearly not Christian.

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