Donald Trump:Tax Cut Victory

Donald Trump:Tax Cut Victory

According to NBC, during one of Donald Trump’s verbal enemas flaunting his tax cut victory he said, “You All Just Got A Lot Richer.” To celebrate his victory for the wealthy with the Tax and Jobs Bill, Donald Trump traveled to the unofficial winter White House. Lets not forget that people who schmooze at the Mar-a-lago Estate aren’t Billy Joe’s clan from down the street. These are very elite and very wealthy people he is hosting at his property.

Tax Cut Victory for the Top 1%

Are regular Republicans even a little pissed off that this strange walking penile contraption that we call a President is laughing it up with his wealthy peeps, while people are still out here struggling? Normal Americans who actually work for a living will not see their taxes lowered, but increased. The Republicans continue to believe in the myth of trickle down economics, which has never worked since some idiot developed the myth.

tax cut victory
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Are regular American Republicans just a little jizzed that the corporate tax rate is a permanent tax cut for the super wealthy, and the tax cut for everyone else will expire in a few years. So, no matter what, the wealthy will continue to get wealthy, while we might see a slight boost in our tax refund…for the time being. After the expiration date, Republicans will just screw us over again and again until their voters recognize their scam.

Payback Should Be Swift and Concise at the Midterm Elections

If I voted for the vaginal secretion that is Donald Trump, payback would come swift and concise at the midterm elections. The new American slogan should be Republicans Out, and Anyone Else In. Let’s stop this nonsense while we still have a country with just a  sparkle of decency left.


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  1. I hate this walking enema (to appropriate your term 😄) with the fire of a thousand suns. And this is in no way meant to redeem him or make him look better. But I honestly believe he means what he says in that moment. Except his reality is completely and utterly skewed. To him MAGA is not a lie, because his America consists of his rich pals. The rest is just window dressing. He’s still an evil, cruel, soulless being, convinced he’s god, with not even the slightest trace of empathy. And he’s dangerous. But I feel that in order to avert a catastrophe, and to truly understand him, we have to also look at it from this angle. That, and he owes some very bad people money, and they control him. Because he’s a coward as well, without any understanding.

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