Enemy of the People: The Media or Donald Trump

Enemy of the People: The Media or Donald Trump

Is the media or Donald Trump the enemy of the people? If we answer this question fairly, Donald Trump doesn’t seem to like his own country very much. He has created a hostile environment for the media and people of color in the United States.

Donald Trump the Real Enemy of the People

Let us think for one moment about who has really endangered the American democracy. Donald Trump ran his campaign on the platform of nationalism and racism. He has emboldened the worst of Americans to attack and threaten their fellow countrymen.

enemy of the people
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Furthermore, the American people can not forget the treasonous performance in Helsinki when Donald Trump cozied up to Vladimir Putin and acted more like a Russian asset than the President of the United States.

If you need more proof that Donald Trump is more an enemy of the people than the media, look no further than the recent Trade War going on between China and the United States. Economic experts report that although there are some unfair practices by China, a trade war is more likely to hurt the American economy. Farmers around the country are worried about their livelihoods, some being generational farms passed down from one son or daughter to the next. Farms are essential to our American way of life and their downfall is an American downfall.

Does Donald Trump care about the repercussions of these decisions he makes because he thinks the US has been treated unfairly. Does Donald Trump not get the saying “life isn’t fair.” When you have a limited cognitive and moral capacity, it’s difficult for one to delve deep into an issue that may have historic repercussions.

And let me go ahead and get this thought out of the way, Sara Sanders needs to stay her lying azz off of the podium as she does not represent the professionalism that should be delivered from a presidential podium. What an idiot?


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