The Entire World Hates Donald Trump

The Entire World Hates Donald Trump

The Entire World Hates Donald Trump; which has been repeatedly demonstrated through protests from an array of countries who detest the trans-colored, perverted jack-o-lantern.

Entire World Hates Donald Trump
Entire World Hates Donald Trump

Why the Entire World Hates Donald Trump?

The most recent protest of our frivolous orange testicle occurred in Switzerland where their citizens crowded in the streets to deter Trump’s visit. The actions of these protesters emulates the feelings felt across the globe, including the creatures of outer space.

Trump is also despised by many populations. He loves to attack our allies through his bully pulpit, Twitter. If you ask anyone from a different countries, they are perplexed as to how our president is able to run the country via Tweet.

What are your thoughts, citizens of the world?

The entire works hates Donald Trump

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  1. They are laughing at us, not with us. Oh wait, we’re not laughing. Seriously, the dumbing down of America began a decade or so ago when shit like The Apprentice is what people wanted to watch. Our place on the world stage may be gone forever

    1. I think the most devastating part is the reasonable politicians, whether they’re Republican or Democrat have such low behavioral standards. Our politicians are no longer able to exhibit extremely classy standards of behavior because they are fighting against a president who has no class at all. He is a disgusting piece of shyt who needs to get a blow job from a Russian prostitute with a nasty case of Herpes.

    1. Why the president can’t stop being such a public figure is beyond me. He needs to hire permanent spokespersons and just hire another president to run the government while he continues to play golf. lol

  2. The sad and scary thing is that here in Hungary more people like and revere him than don’t. Then again, my father’s people have never displayed rational thought, operating from the standpoint of why make things easy when there’s a (more) complicated route.

    People outside of Hungary might not be aware that this place is rife with bigotry and the hub of pornography (and pretty girls who will do a lot for the right amount of money). This, of course, totally goes hand in hand with a conservative mindset where guys tell their women how to dress and wear their hair, white superiority reigns supreme (members of the Roma community who have lived here for generations and consider this place home are openly called non-Hungarian), and the only acceptable foreigner is someone from the Brothers-In-Arms states officially known as the V(isegrád)4.

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