Giuliani: Collusion is Not A Crime

Giuliani: Collusion is Not A Crime

The President’s shameful personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, stated today that “collusion is not a crime.” Are we as Americans okay with our president being in debt to a Russian dictator? 

Continued Conspiracy?

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 Collusion may not be a crime, but continued conspiracy to hide the collusion by making concessions to Vladimir Putin is straight up treason. Americans were given an in-depth look of treason during Trump’s concession speech in Helsinki where he sided with Putin over his own government. Trump spent that week aggressively bashing our allies, but when he was confronted by Vladimir Putin, he behaved like a little man-bytch. He is always so measured when addressing the Russian dictator; however, he has no qualms about criticizing the American Intelligence Community, or ripping children away from their parents at the border, or the Russian’s continued interference in our elections. 

Trump Destroying American Unity 

Since Trump has taken office, over 50% of his public statements have been false. He continues to criticize his own countrymen and lacks trust in our government institutions; in essence, Trump is an enemy of the state.

Americans are not total fools who live in La La land. We can see and hear what is going on in our country. We are aware that our country is divided among racial and cultural lines. We are aware that the rich are getting richer while the middle class and the working poor are essentially struggling. We are aware that the economy is working well for a small number of rich individuals, and we are aware that the government has cut the financing of healthcare and social programs.  

Russian Conspiracy

Trump continues with the lie that the Mueller investigation is an illegal witch hunt when two of his campaign aids have been indicted and are cooperating with the government. There is also the case of the Russian spy who infiltrated the NRA; no one should be surprised that this Russian spy has ties to Trump’s administration.

Most  reasonable Americans want Trump out of office; we have no confidence in his abilities as a leader, or as a decent human being. #impeachtrump #voteblue  

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