Government Shutdown: Donald Trump Asleep During Negotiations

Government Shutdown: Donald Trump Asleep During Negotiations

There has been a government shutdown and President Trump probably went to sleep angry because his annual gala at the Winter White House was canceled due to Americans expecting him to govern the country. #trumpshutdown #impeachtrumpDonald Trump Went To Sleep While Senators Continue Negotiations

There have been reports that President Trump has refused to make statements while the government is shut down. Go figure! Our idiot-in-chief refuses to make a statement when there is a chance that the military will go unfunded. The man doesn’t give a shyt about the military or veterans. He only wants to satisfy his inhuman base with his racist wall.

We have learned tonight that Senator Chuck Schumer, in an attempt to keep the government running and fostering a bipartisanship agreement, allocated funding for the Wall in the proposed bill. Donald Trump, being the cowardly con man, agreed to the bipartisan deal while meeting with Chuck Schumer, but after the meeting, stank azz Trump changed his mind.

Mitch McConnell and government shut downOn the senate floor, wrinkled turtle dick, Mitch McConnell, attempted to blame democrats for the closure of the government. Well, that’s straight up bull shyt turtle dick, because Republicans are the majority in the house, the senate, and the executive branch. And lets not forget that there were at least four Republicans who failed to vote with their Republican colleagues. The Senator tried his best to lay the government shutdown at the feet of the Democrats. We are not falling for your bull shyt anymore turtle man. We know that you are doing the toddler president’s bidding.

Chuck Schumer and government shutdown

After Mitch McConnell’s shitty speech, Chuck Schumer made a speech that basically meant “not today bitch”, because he laid it out straight for the American people. This is not a Schumer shutdown, this is a Trump Shut Down; Republicans are just as responsible for the shutdown because of their dedication to our catastrophe of a president.

I am very surprised that the weak azz democrats didn’t give in to the Republicans. It’s time for Democrats to play dirty to save America from Donald Trump and the Republican party.

What are your thoughts about the government shutdown? Who do you blame? All opinions are welcomed and respected!

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  1. If trump and the republicans had spent as much time on the tax plan, they could havefocused on the other issues such as DACCA with the same vigour to keep the government open. Happy Anniversary Trump! Your first year has been a failure and it is all your fault. #SHITHOLEPRESIDENT!

  2. Seconding Crystal. Love your posts and the way you write.

    But come on, give the poor man a break. He works soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard. When else is he going to get some much needed sleep? Have some compassion! It’s so tough being president. All those papers to sign and people to talk to. It’s taxing. He’s 😩. So, so very stressed.

    Seriously, I swear other than color (how could he?!!!) the bloated POS is sore that someone did it all before him with such grace and ease. And, of course, that he wasn’t Aryan. Don’t get me wrong, I would bet my pension plan that he’s a card-carrying racist of the finest order. But you know what, let it hurt. If he’s that much of a baby, grow up.

    Turtle dyck (and I love turtles) creeps me out to no end. If only a journalist would.

    Here’s the thing, I can see the whole authoritarian mindset. I don’t agree with it (I like my free will), but I get that some people follow this school, because it brings them closer to God in their minds. But at which point do they not realize that this has previous little to do with Christianity? I know I keep asking that. And I know admitting you were wrong / misled is beyond painful. But come on.

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