Inappropriate Thought Of The Day

Before knocking out, I just want to remind people that their lies never go unnoticed. I know when people are lying to me, but I let it go. But deep down inside I think you’re a stank azz hoe that can never be fully trusted.

I forgive people when they talking shyt about me, but deep down inside I know that you ain’t shyt and never gonna be shyt in my eyes. Don’t let the politeness fool you. You are like the dirt and dog shyt smeared on the bottom of my shoe. There’s also a used condom that stuck to my shoes from a disgusting azz parking lot.

I could care less about your personal opinions. Next time come to me when you have a problem with me. I’m very approachable and sweet…until you piss me the fck off with messy shyt.

Have a pleasant night…with extremely disturbing nightmares.

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