Just Be…A Religious and Inspirational Book That Will Change your Life!

I talk a lot of trash on this blog, but today, I wanted to highlight an author who wants to share her story and inspire you to lead a life walking with the Lord despite life adversity.

About SGA picRecently I was introduced to a very enlightened young woman who illuminated with positive energy and hope for the future. Her energy was extremely contagious, and her words encouraging. This talented writer, Kemmiel Snowden, is a professional woman who worked in the private sector until God tasked her with a greater purpose and method of servitude. She stepped out on blind faith, and wrote a phenomenal book that is relatable to those who have persevered through lifelong chronic stressors, or who are currently struggling in darkness.

Every human being suffers throughout their lifespan with severe traumatic experiences; nevertheless, it takes a special person to develop an inspirational message that lifts you out of the pain of darkness and into God’s beautiful light. The book, Just Be…, is one of those books which will change your outlook on life and help you make beneficial life choices.

Read her story.

Consume her inspirational words,

Be encouraged to walk in the light with the Lord

About SGA picThe author, Kemmiel Snowden, has released a book on her new website at http://justbebooksandbeads. In addition to purchasing her book, check out her jewelry line which includes quality and fashionable pieces.


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