Kellyanne Conway Divorce Over Trump?

Kellyanne Conway Divorce Over Trump?

Will Kellyanne Conway divorce her husband over Trump? In an interview with The Washington Post, it was obvious that Kellyanne and her husband, George Conway, were on separate sides of the political spectrum. Kellyanne is loyal to a fault to the degenerate Donald Trump, and George Conway thinks Trump’s a rabid dog with fleas…allegedly.

Kellyanne Conway Divorce
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Kellyanne Conway Divorce in the Future?

During the interview, Kellyanne commented that she thought her husband’s tweets about Trump were:

“disrespectful…and a violation of decency, certainly, if not marital vows…”

Don’t do it Kellyanne! Don’t take your bosses side over your husband; especially when your boss is a low-down dirty dog. What I have learned in life is that family trumps your career. A career will not always be loyal to you; Donald Trump will not always be loyal to you Kellyanne. Your husband may not agree with you laying your loyalties at the foot of a tyrant, but don’t talk about your marriage vows as if your career as anything to do with them. Marriage vows are sacred, working for a lying narcissist is not.

Kellyanne, Don’t Be Stupid Girl

Strictly from a PR standpoint, a Kellyanne Conway Divorce is just not a good look for you or your president. You will be laying alone at night resenting the president for ultimately causing the divorce, and your husband will be remarried in less than a year. I got that little statistic from my favorite series, Sex and the City. Just remember that Donald Trump’s wife will undoubtedly be divorcing his stank azz right after he is sent home for treason. Y’all both can’t be divorced at the same time, what would people say about the optics? Also remember, Donald is not a spring chicken anymore, there is no way he will be around to service you as your husband would. Just saying girl, you have to think about the future for realz.

Are you concerned that Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Slams Trump?


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