Kirstjen Nielsen: Political Thot of the Day

Kirstjen Nielsen: Political Thot of the Day

Kirstjen Nielson is the political thot of the day.This cunt actually rolled her eyes on national television. These Republicans are so emboldened to neglect professionalism and their responsibility to the American public.

Kirstjen Nielsen: Political Thot of the Day

Amid Trump’s controversial “shithole” comment, political thot and DHS Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, blatantly lied during her confirmation hearing. Nielsen attended the cabinet meeting in which our deadbeat president referred to  predominantly black and Latino countries as shit-holes; however, she testified that she doesn’t recall what was said in the meeting. Exactly what was she doing while our so-called president was speaking? Was she trolling people on Twitter, or was she picking her fckn nose?

Despite Nielson’s convenient amnesia, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, another attendee of the meeting, confirmed Trump’s inappropriate comments.

 Kirstjen Nielson
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Why is Kirstjen Nielson a political thot?

The unprofessional demeanor she exhibited today in her confirmation hearing was abhorrent and thotty.  In case you are unaware of the meaning of the word, it’s an acronym meaning that h0e out there or that h0e over there. 

The Trump troll smirked and rolled her eyes when questioned about Trump’s racist comments. Additionally, the thot had the audacity to spit in America’s face with her refusal to answer questions from the confirmation committee. This thotty hoe-bag and the  inhuman Republicans believe that answering to the American people is not a requirement, but citizens who vote during the 2018 mid-term elections will inevitably prove them  wrong.

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  1. Of course we should stop listening to ourselves and listen only to Them. After all they know what’s best. For us. For everyone. For the world. After all, God willed it this way. He had Him elected. Oh, and while we’re at it, we should also take the good doctor’s word for it, lay our doubts aside, and accept that The Exalted One is in absolute perfect health. So perfect in fact, he will reign for 100 more years. At least. 🙄

      1. Oh same here, believe me. There’s a saying here in Hungary, that if you say it, the opposite will happen. Am on the fence about that. But I do believe he could allow himself a small celebration of his favorite foods (ahem red meat). And since he doesn’t do anything in moderation . . . voilà, problem solved.

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