Meghan McCain: Love Or Hate Her?

Meghan McCain: Love Or Hate Her?

Meghan McCain, my lawd, has become a very important conservative voice of The View. So, I wanted to pose the question?Do you love or hate Meghan McCain? She is a Republican conservative who is very outspoken in the political arena. But let me also state that her opinions on pro-life issues makes me want to  throw popcorn at the television and vomit my breakfast all over my toddler.

Meghan McCain

And let me also say this about Meghan, she is reasonable on many political issues; however, I agree with Whoopie regarding abortion; no government should tell me or any other woman what she can do with her body.

Do you love or hate Meghan McCain?

Nevertheless, there are some instances when I can tolerate her conservative ways. Personally, she appears to be a good person who has different political beliefs. I don’t have to agree with her to believe that she is a strong and opinionated woman who brings a different edge to The View. She often challenges the audience in ways that forces you to address both sides of a political issue.

Now Meghan, girl, your azz is so wrong about Donald Trump. He is a racist bigot who should have never inhabited the White House. He doesn’t represent reasonable conservatives, and he definitely does not represent independents and democrats.

No matter your politics Meghan, we will probably never agree on important political issues, but I do admire your strength and willingness to stick up for your deep rooted beliefs. Even when most of the women at the table speak about more relatable and reasonable topics, I can always count of you to prompt some kind of feelings regarding our political landscape.

In my opinion, I don’t care for her political views, but I admire that she’s a fighter who isn’t afraid to go against the grain. It has to be extremely difficult to sit at a table with such a caliber of intelligent women and not lose herself by being agreeable.

But please take note girl, sometimes Meghan be tripping and going off the damn rails. Get it together sis.





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