Memorial Day Political Drama as Trump Golfs and Americans Die

trump golf memorial day

Memorial Day Political Drama as Trump Golfs and Americans Die

Americans will be flocking to beaches and other public venues this Memorial Day, with many disregarding safety measures even as the country’s coronavirus-related deaths rapidly increase toward a disheartening milestone of 100,000. Additionally, our president is relaxing and golfing while Americans continue to die.

The American President, Donald J. Trump, has kicked off his Memorial Day weekend with a round of golf at his alleged luxurious golf club. He seems to have forgotten that the Corona Virus continues to plague the country.

With unemployment at an all-time high, Congress is no longer in session, and republicans are not interested in providing more relief to middle or working class families.

Is it okay for the our politicians to give normal Americans the finger after funding corporations and the super wealthy? This administration continues to put the wealthy ahead of those that keep their businesses afloat. The people, those who aren’t filthy rich, are the ones keeping this economy slowly churning, and yet our government will only financially assist the employers.

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