Paris Dennard: Shut Your Azz Up

Paris Dennard: Shut Your Azz Up

Paris Dennard should shut his azz up and stop pretending that the President of the United States isn’t a vile and disgusting creature.

Why Does CNN keep spotlighting Paris Dennard?

This is the question for the ages. Paris Dennard is a very predictable political comedian. He isn’t funny like a comedian, but his antics of defending Trump’s horrific comments towards Americans is quite laughable. Additionally, he is just an annoying little man.

Paris even bragged about the President of the United States responding to his critics in very harsh and racially motivated ways. He refused to see the pattern of Trump lashing out harshly against women and minorities.

paris dennard
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Remember the Obama-Era?

Remember a time when Fox News had daily complaints about President Obama? Did Obama ever start an anti-media movement to denounce anyone? Obama respected the office of the presidency and knew that he had other more important things to do. The office of the presidency is supposed to be this elite position where an individual with high moral character is charged with protecting our national and global interests.

Unfortunately, Paris fails to at least acknowledge that the President’s behavior is unacceptable for the presidency, and more acceptable in a first grade classroom.

So, to Paris Dennard, can you have several seats and shut your azz up because decent Americans are tired of your and the president’s excuses. It is very important for people to get out and vote during the mid-term elections. I won’t tell you who to vote for, but it is important that you vote in the interest of yourself and your country. Whatever that may be, voting is an American right and should be exercised as such.



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