Republican Tax Bill: More for Republican Donors

Republican Tax Bill: More for Republican Donors

The new Republican Tax Bill benefits the millionaire republican donors and means less for regular Americans. This tax victory is a giant win for Donald Trump and his demonic ego. The Republicans and Donald Trump had an annoying little party just to celebrate a victory that most Americans did not want; which is similar to feelings regarding Trump’s Presidency.

Republican Tax Bill
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How Does the Republican Tax Bill Effect Working Americans?

The tax plan eliminates itemized deductions that many Americans count on every year for a bigger tax refund that benefits their families. If you wanted to deduct medical costs because you were in to hospital for gout and herpes related complications all last year, you are shyt out of luck. If you are a teacher, who purchases your own classroom décor, you are screwed to the moon and back. I hope you are basically getting the gist of what type of tax bill this is and specifically who it was designed for.


The individual mandate for health care was eliminated, which was costing poor and working class people a pretty penny during tax time. However; who will be paying for people going to the emergency room for their health care? Republicans could care less about the consequences, because their high priced donors will not feel one bit of the financial distress. And speaking of healthcare, contrary to Donald Trump stating that Obamacare is dead, it is still open for enrollment. Donald Trump is learning how to play with words from his fellow soulless republicans. However, Donald Trump can demonstrably curtail funding and assistance that keeps Obamacare afloat. Thanks all Republicans who thought it wise to vote in an ignorant and narcissistic lunatic to run this country. Fck you all very much.

I was extremely disgusted with the lavish benefits the 1% of the Americans are gifted by this Republican tax plan. While doing research, on they pretty much laid out the utter lavish bread and butter these filthy rich bastards are about to receive.

Since most Americans at least receive a high school education, we aren’t dumb as a box of rocks, and can read the fine print. Deductions are being taken from regular people, like school teachers, and are being allocated and increased for corporations and millionaires. Sounds like some Republican bull shyt to me. They should all go right to hell with flaming hot burning thongs cutting through their azz crack. Did they actually believe that Trickle Down Economics will apply to a country where every millionaire feels entitled to their own bought government official and private jet.

Paul Ryan…what an azz

And let me get this rant out of my system right quick. This Republican tax bill was built by Paul Ryan and his immoral little minions with actual brains; Donald Trump did not help conceive or provide insight into the creation of the bill. One of his advisers, who aren’t under investigation for colluding with Russia, informed him of the benefits the Trump family would receive by the tax bill and of course he agreed. In my mind, since he is such disgusting trash, he decided to take a piss before signing the bill without washing his hands, and with that pissy hand, he signed our new tax bill. -The End


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