Stephen Colbert Roasts Trump and Lil Kim

If you haven’t tuned in to Stephen Colbert‘s daily roast of Donald Trump, you are missing out on at least one laugh a day. It is very important for reasonable Americans to have an outlet from the stressful political climate in our country.


Stephen Colbert on the Summit of Dictators

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the comedian gave a rather humorous overview of the summit with Lil Kim and our orange toilet bowl, Donald Trump; which was basically a photo op and the two immoral rats signing a blank piece of paper.

Donald made concessions, but the United States did not receive anything in return. Exactly what was the purpose of this so-called historic meeting in he first place?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the North Koreans returned home laughing at the idiocy displayed by our President. Trump believes that he is this massive negotiator, but in actuality, he is just a conman with a small vocabulary.


The meeting is continuously described as historic in the right-wing and left-wing media; however, when you think of historic, the news is usually pertaining to something positive? When I observed the United States flag standing next to the North Korean Flag, I not only wanted to vomit, but I knew that the Donald had sold us up the river for a Trump tower in North Korea. When will Republicans come to their senses and draw up articles of impeachment for this sub-human president?


It seems that Donald Trump is using the office of the presidency to take selfies with dictators without actually negotiating anything. Our national security has never been more at risk than it is right now. North Korea will continue to develop nuclear weapons.

What are your thoughts about the summit with North Korea?

Were you satisfied with the President’s performance on the world stage?



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