Top 5 Lies of Sarah Huckabee Saunders

Top 5 Lies of Sarah Huckabee Saunders

The Top 5 lies of Sarah Huckabee Saunders puts into perspective that the embattled White House press secretary has an unhealthy loyalty to our liar-in-chief Donald Trump.

Top 5 Lies of Sarah Huckabee Saunders so eloquently spouts from the presidential podium.

Top 5 Lies of Sarah Huckabee Saunders
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Black Unemployment Rates:

Sarah loves to eloquently spout statistics that lends political favor to the orange toddler, but she got the numbers wrong. 700,000 Blacks workers were employed under President Orange Dotard, while 3 Million were employed under President Obama. Of course the white house had to correct their mistake because they had the information reversed. Sarah, don’t come for Barack, bytch. Also, Americans should take into account that President Orange Jizz face inherented a growing economy. Let’s see what happens with this awesome economy with the new Tariffs and trade was with…the entire world.

Diversity Visa Applicants were not vetted:

The fact is, diversity applicants are required to endure an extensive background check prior to Visa approval. Again, this is just another crumb for the nationalists in this country who want to prevent immigrants of color from “shithole countries.” Sarah, you should be ashamed of yourself for putting out such lies to the American people. I’m glad you were turned away from eating at that restaurant. I wouldn’t have let your immoral stank-azz dine in my restaurant either. Americans are tired of hearing your rants about integrity when the Orange president has none, and neither do you.

The President Has Never Encouraged Violence:

Sarah, please have several seats sis. Don’t you know that millions of Americans watched the same video in which Trump claimed he would pay legal fees if his protesters were arrested for violent behavior. Furthermore, Donald Trump continues to make you look like a damn fool because he continues to encourage violence against the media with his “enemy of the people” tweets.

Donald Trump Did Not Spread the lie that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower:

My God lady, you’ve read his tweet, I’ve read the tweet, and even dogs have read the tweet. Donald Trump started this ridiculous lie and still speaks about being wiretapped. The compliment I can bestow upon you is the adeptness to your lies that insane people believe everyday. Stop making a fool of yourself, because Donald Trump doesn’t care what people think of you.

John Kelly’s Reaction in Europe was about Cheese and Crackers:

This is probably the most hilarious lie any press secretary has ever told the American people. John Kelly obviously appeared disappointed with Trump after he met with NATO world leaders in Europe; however, Sarah decided to report “Kelly was displeased because he was expecting a full breakfast and there were only pastries and cheese.” WTF Sarah! You probably just gave up that day. If a grown-azz man in a position of power can’t be professional until after a meeting with world leaders, he should not be on the world stage. If it was a problem, he could have gotten a staff member to order UBER or Lyft (If they are available in that country). We know that this heifer was lying, and it was a very bad lie at that.


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  1. Today she lied again after she told the press Trump was revoking John Brennan security clearance. Trump claim Brennan was telling lies about him that were against national security. We need to revoke the #SHITTYASSPRESIDENT from office, put him in a cage or deport his ass to Africa. #MAGA

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