Top 5 Reasons Omarosa is Smarter Than Donald Trump

Top 5 Reasons Omarosa is Smarter Than Donald Trump

There are top 5 reasons Omarosa is significantly smarter than Donald Trump. Don’t be jaded though, anyone in Trump’s orbit is bound to be a con, a liar, or a world renown embezzler. 

Top 5 Reasons Omarosa is Smarter Than Donald Trump:

Top 5 Reasons Omarosa is Smarter Than Donald Trump
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Donald continued inviting her wacky azz to appear on the Apprentice.

Although she was fired during every appearance, her evil quick wit and wackiness, prompted Trump to invite Omarosa three fckn times. Home-chick used her mouth piece to increase ratings and her celebrity. More people wanted to see the evil villainess than hear Trump’s standard “you’re fired” statement.

Despite Trump’s “stupid” insult that he often hurls at people of color, the joke is on Trump.

No matter how many times Omarosa was fired on the Apprentice, Trump’s stank azz hired her as an African American Outreach coordinator during the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Furthermore, after Trump won the Presidency, he hired her as a part of the White House transition team and official staff.

Trump may be a masterful conman, but Omarosa is a formidable adversary.

She is driven by self-preservation and will do whatever she can just to make sure her interests are served. She sounds more like Trump’s evil twin than an adversary. They are like two peas in a very disturbing pod. She is currently making her rounds to all of the talk shows telling her story, knowing that the free publicity will increase her dividends.

Omarosa got these fools on tape.

Bytches, she recorded the President of the United States and the chief of staff inside the fckn White House. This broad has balls the size of coconuts. Not only did she have her way and treat the White House as her personal residence, its been reported that the staff were afraid of her and shied away from confronting her bad behavior.

Omarosa Turned Down a Lucrative Payoff to write a tell-all book

In order to control Omarosa and prevent her from leaking the juicy detailed of the Trump administration, she was offered $15,000 and another employment opportunity. Omarosa and her hefty balls said “not today bitch.” She will be spilling the beans in her long-awaited book. I don’t care that Sarah Saunders says the book is riddled with lies, bytch I’d be crazy not to read this shyt. The entire administration is full of lies, why not add more gas to the fire.

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