Trade War: High Tariffs for Trump Supporters

Trade War: High Tariffs for Trump Supporters

Trump‘s trade war has caused monumental strife in the business community.  He fails to understand the basics of trade and should only be the president of his underpants, not of the United States.

If you are a Trump supporter…

…just Google or seek knowledge via Wikipedia if you want to know more about what our deranged, small-brained president is fcking up this week.

A tariff is a tax on imports or exports between sovereign states.

So I have referred to my friendly non-partisan Wikipedia to ensure that all readers understand the meaning of a fckn tariff. Now, recently, our enema-in-chief, declared that he would impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports that are purchased from across the border of Mexico and Canada. Essentially, our presidential toddler believes that if he imposes these tariffs on foreign purchases, American companies will be more inclined to purchase American made steel and aluminum. I think most Americans get the gist of what the president is attempting to do; however, his ignorance and nationalistic stance doesn’t quite relate to the real world, and even the sane members of the Republican Party.

Trade War

Trade War Reality

No matter how hard Donald Trump tries to isolate the United States, reality sets in and he is forced to soften his stance. The House Speaker, Paul Ryan, basically told Mr. President to go fck himself because American companies would suffer with an increase in tariffs on foreign goods. Donald Trump initially stated that he wouldn’t back down, but that changed when Republicans were like, “not today bytch.”

The problem with Trump’s nationalistic agenda is that it is unrealistic to think that everything can be made in the United States at the same cost as foreign goods. I bought a knock off Louis Vouiton purse for $200 from China, when the real-thing in the United States is averaged at $2000. Fck that! If I can purchase cheaper over seas, that’s what will happen. This is the same for American companies who are trying to turn a profit. They purchase from overseas companies to earn more money. Donald Trump must realize that America can not be isolated. We have depended on overseas goods for the success of American companies for a very long time. Little fat Trump can’t just steal an election (with the assistance from Russia) and change this trend overnight. He has to look at how to decrease the cost of making goods in the United States first before imposing tariffs. What a fckn idiot?

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  1. But, but, he’s the best at everything. He knows what’s best for us, and He’s our Leader, elevated to His position by God. He’s infallible. Our Great Leader, who will lead us to 1,000 years of glory. Wonder where we heard that last part before? Another immigrant who tried to
    lead his adopted nation to glory . . .

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