Trump Approval Rating: Still Far Too High

Trump Approval Rating: Still Far Too High

Trump Approval Rating: Still Far Too High. Despite the overall fall out from the criminal indictments and plea deals in the Federal and Mueller investigations, the Trump approval rating is far too high at a stagnant 41%. Who are these imbecilic Americans who still have faith in our criminal-in-chief, Donald Trump?

Trump Approval Rating Far Too High

The last two weeks of our lives with this president has been a testament to the fact that the Trump approval rating is far too damn high. There is suspicion that many Americans are hanging in there with Orangy tiny fingers because he represents the type of America they want, or they fear the type of America that we will ultimately become. These sentiments are extremely important and understandable, but with Donald Trump in office, you may end up in an America that causes increased economic struggle and cultural strife. Don’t forget, Donald Trump is a self-described billionaire who benefits from pro-economic trends. He has no idea what struggling Americans experience on a daily basis.

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Trump Approval Rating should be at 1%

The economy was on a upswing because Obama set it up nice and neat for Mr. Orangy pants. Unfortunately, Trump is unable to ride the wave because he has implemented tariffs and a trade war with China. I just bought a stapler from the store yesterday, and you know what it said, Made in China. Trump had the great idea that Americans should purchase American, when in actuality, nothing he owns or sells, is purchased in America. He is a hypocrite on a massive scale. The newly imposed tariffs will most certainly negatively effect American consumers and not the wealthy corporations. Check the job trends in your area; don’t be surprised that there are massive layoffs implemented by wealthy corporations due to the tariff penalty of Donald Trump.

Forget the Trump Approval Rating, Get Out and Vote!

Let’s stop griping (that’s my job) and get out and vote. I will never tell fellow Americans who to vote for, but I will tell you that this election is the most important of our generation. We have to put some major checks on our President. He is a total idiot who implements decisions without thinking of the inhumane consequences, i.e children in cages.


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