Trump: Border Patrol Agent Speaks Perfect English

Trump: Border Patrol Agent Speaks Perfect English

Border Patrol Agent Speaks Perfect English.Trump attempted to honor our American Border Patrol Agents at the White House, but had the indecency to state that the agent speaks “perfect English.” Well, Mr. President, we wish you spoke perfect English, but it turns out you only have maybe fifty words in your limited cognitive arsenal.

Border Patrol Agent Speaks Perfect English? The President Doesn’t Speak Perfect English!


I understand that the Border Patrol Officer who was being semi-honored by the President couldn’t  break rank and cuss his azz out, but my God, this was embarrassing. This man is an American citizen employed by the United States government. He is a part of the Law Enforcement community who guards our borders while we sleep. You couldn’t have thought of another joke when introducing this brave Latino American?

Border Patrol Agent Speaks Perfect English
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Donald Trump Racist Buffoon

From this point on, please stop apologizing for Donald Trump stating that he isn’t a racist. The man can’t help his racist hate speech and doesn’t understand when to maintain tact while in front of the entire world. He is the president of the United States, you can’t sit there saying that he didn’t mean anything about his comment. Yes, Mr. President, there are individuals in this country who are bilingual, or is that word not apart of your very limited vocabulary? Mr. Trump is very ignorant to Border Patrol demographics.

 Reason The Media Are the Enemy of President Trump

Are Americans still wondering why Trump rants about the media being the enemy of the people? They are the enemy in Trump’s view because they record exactly what is happening. They expose the reality of the Trump Presidency, which hasn’t been the best presidency since his inauguration. It is evident that anyone who criticizes Trump will receive some form of retaliation. We’ve seen it with the revocation of security clearances and the demoralization of the media. As Katt Williams famously asked, “…don’t you know I can see you?”


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