Breaking News: Donald Trump Calls Omarosa Dog

Breaking News: Donald Trump Calls Omarosa Dog

Breaking News: Donald Stank-azz Trump Calls Omarosa Dog when he is the most disgusting dog who allegedly pisses on Russian prostitutes. Americans wouldn’t be surprised if our president has a severe infestation of genital fleas.

Trump Calls Omarosa dog

Trump Calls Omarosa Dog? Really?

No this filthy cow didn’t just call Omarosa a damn dog. I guess she wasn’t much of a fckn dog when Trump hired her azz four times. It is very interesting that Donald Trump forcefully indicates his dislike of fellow Americans, but Vladimir Putin is constantly getting his azz licked at every press conference.

Omarosa is not a saint. She can not be trusted. But really, does she qualify as a fckn dog?

You know what a real dog is?

  • A Dog is an animal that fcks porn stars raw while their wife is pregnant.
  • A Dog is a man who carries on an affair for 10 months knowing his azz is married.
  • A dog is a man who has been married three times because he can’t keep his wrinkled dck out of raw pssy.

From your record Mr. President, you are the dirtiest dog representing this great nation. Our country needs to be sanitized of your disgust. I bet you enjoy licking your own privates just to get the fleas from feasting on your orange flaky skin. While we are speaking of dogs, your fellow Republicans in Congress are dirty dogs for doing your bidding. What has happened to this country and it’s leadership?

Everyday the American people are plagued with alleged conspiracies¬†exposing you as a lowlife loser who should have never been allowed in the white house. When you finally leave the people’s house, the next administration will need to get an exterminator and an exorcist to clear out the fleas and the evil spirits that you brought.




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