Trump Impeachment at Walmart

Trump Impeachment at Walmart

Trump impeachment seems like it will never happen the way Republicans are protecting the orange flaking orangutan.

Trump Impeachment?

I have been on a hiatus from constantly criticizing our orange and repugnant president who is a blatant embarrassment to our country, but I digress. I chose to be on a break from politics; however,I was confronted with politics while doing my mid-day shopping at Walmart.I was pretty surprised that Walmart, a billion dollar company, would allow such an event on their premises, but Walmart also allows other organizations to sell home-made baked goods at the entrance of their stores. I’ve bought delicious red velvet cheese cake outside of Walmart before. Don’t judge me, and it was delicious.

Trump Impeachment

Anyway, there was a huge booth set up dedicated to signing a petition to impeach our unhealthy and obese President Trump. The sign was huge and get this…there was quite a long line to sign the petition. I had a great healthy laugh that people were exceedingly excited to impeach our plump toddler-in-chief. I think my hiatus will be over in a few days, and I will be back angrier than ever at the crap that our government is allowing with this idiot in office.

How would you feel about a Trump impeachment?


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    1. Hell, I was so happy to sign that petition! The orange Russian pisser needs to go. He is the most ghetto billionaire I have ever seen. He has no class and I bet he eats Russian azz.

    2. You do know no matter how many signatures you have it does nothing right. Thats not how the system works. Come on use your heads. If you want him gone bto it has to be done the right way.

      1. Well these people at Walmart seem to think something different. To me it’s more of a statement that people are tired of his erratic behavior and wants him gone. I thought it was extremely hilarious!

  1. Where was this at and when? Because there is a huge uproar about it today and a Facebook post that has gone viral. On the Facebook post it says this happened on November 25th at the Redlands, CA Walmart….but your post is from November 15th. Any help on clearing this up and calming people down would be much appreciated.

    1. Maybe this organization travels to different Walmarts. I don’t know much about them or who they are, they so happen to be at the Walmart I was visiting that day. People were signing a petition for impeachment. That’s all. And there was a lot of conversation about how the random people Hated trump and that he is dividing the country with his madness. And I don’t think people will calm down until Trump and his minions are out of office. The man is an insane man baby. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Oh I don’t disagree on that at all! I’m just wondering where it started and when because there’s little to no information on it, other than Facebook posts. I’d really just like something solid to tell all the people flooding the phone lines at Walmart. It would be even better if it ended up being a hoax but like I said, I can’t find diddly on it outside of Facebook and I’m ready rip my hair out over the angry 45 supporters calls.

    1. I think eventually the 45 callers will get over it. Donald Trump has gotten away with so much stuff I don’t think a petition is a threat to his presidency. I don’t know if the people were an organization or just private citizens wanting to make a statement. I wasn’t involved in the organization of the petition. sorry i couldn’t be of any help!

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