Navajo Event: Donald Trump Makes Fool OF Himself

Navajo Event: Donald Trump Makes Fool OF Himself

Today at the White House, the Twat-Secretion-In-Chief hosted an event honoring the Navajo Code Talkers. Everything was proceeding well until our senile, half president referred to Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas.

Trump Apologists

Immediately after the event, the twat apologists attempted to minimize the President’s racial slur, asserting that the American people should be accustomed to hearing the leader of the free world speak like an infantile, infected twat (Not that infected twats speak, but whatever!).

Will there ever be a time when Donald Trump recognizes people of the non-dominant population in this country with the utmost respect that they deserve without spoiling the occasion with his inappropriate and offensive remarks? For fcks sake, the repulsive idiot didn’t know that Frederick Douglas has long been deceased.

I understand that he continues to cater to his base of brainless zombies, but when will he start to recognize that he is the twat-in-chief of everyone, not just his base of Fox News aliens who are obviously cognitively delayed.

I don’t know about you, but I’m extremely disappointed in our government for allowing such an incompetent embarrassment to represent the greatest nation on the planet. He is making millions of dollars by constantly visiting his own properties for his many vacations, and the government is obligated to pay his properties for the secret service to protect him and his large family of animal killing vampires.

Will Republicans Reclaim their Senses?

Is everyone wondering when enough is enough? When will Republicans reclaim their senses and make a sincere effort to get this ridiculous buffoon out of office? When will the democrats stop being weak pussies and start fighting instead of making casual statements about their disapproval? I’m disappointed in our entire government at this point because we look like fools to the rest of the world. Our government is willfully standing aside for their own personal benefit while Americans are getting screwed.

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  1. #NEEDTOIMPEACH! He is such an embarrassment. When the GOP wake up an do something about this old fool. The DEMS are just as bad and worthless. Are we going to let Trump just destroy the country just so the rich get richer? Ok, my rant for the day…

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