President Trump Mourns Aretha Franklin: “She worked for me on numerous occasions”

President Trump Mourns Aretha Franklin: “She worked for me on numerous occasions”

President Trump mourns Aretha Franklin after she passed away this morning from health complications. Trump read a cold and nonchalant message from a piece of paper, and then said “she worked for me on numerous occasions.” If you don’t hate this president by now, something is seriously wrong with your psyche.

President Trump mourns Aretha Franklin by inserting himself into the message

Usually, when a famous person or just someone who you’ve spoken with on numerous occasions abruptly passes away, you don’t have to read a message from a piece of paper. The problem with Donald Trump is he has no real interest in anyone other than himself and his disgusting spoiled children. While reading the message, it seemed as though one of his staff members forced him by threatening to hide his cellular phone. He has know empathy and no genuine feelings toward Aretha Franklin because if he did, he could have spoken straight to the family in private, without bringing up her work history.

“She Worked For Me On Numerous Occasions”

Really Donald? Did you really have to bring up the fact that she worked for you? Like working for a bigot and misogynist is one of her life long achievements? Someone else from the Trump administration should have taken on the task of sending condolences to the family. Donald Trump should have just stayed quiet while he fumes over Omarosa digging in that azz.



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      1. Thank you for visiting my blog. What i was getting at was the fact that her work history, coming from an ingrate like him, should not have been said. He often tries to insert himself into tragedies and I don’t believe he was very genuine.

        But thank you for you insight as sometimes us Americans can be a little sensitive about anything this horrible president does. You are welcome back any time.

    1. I didn’t look into whether she actually worked for him, but all he had to do was send condolences to the family and continue worrying about the Mueller investigation.

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