Trump Said The N Word: Who Gives A Fck?

Trump Said The N Word: Who Gives A Fck?

Trump said the n word: Who Gives A Fck? For the past news cycle on the cable news rotation, journalists have discussed whether our disgusting orange president said the N word on a recording during the Apprentice. The huge question from Black people asked? Who Gives a flying fck? Americans knew this man was an immoral racist pervert when they voted him into the White House.

trump said the N word
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Trump Said The N Word: Media Should Do Better

The biggest question here, why are we even having this conversation about a bigot and misogynist who has exhibited his vile beliefs through life long actions. He prevented African Americans from living in his apartment developments, he encouraged the death penalty for the Central Park 5 when they were found not guilty. His recent demonstration of bigotry, that sealed the deal, making false claims about President Barack Obama, and forcefully stating that he is not a US citizen.

With all of the facts being considered, Donald Trump uttering the N Word, is not surprising or even worth the anger. We already know those words have fell out of his vile mouth before, and pretty sure he has said it quite a few times while sitting in the Oval office. Fck Donald Trump. Nothing this nothing-of-a-man can say about anyone changes systemic racism and inequality. He is not respected or treasured as our previous presidents, and his administration is comparable to the Barnum and Bailey Circus. His administration is a joke, and he, as a human being, is a joke.

Black Americans care about the same things that White Americans care about. We care about our families, our finances, and our futures. We did not vote for Donald Trump in a majority, but some Black Americans were comfortable with knowing his past and trusted him with their futures (like idiots).

Trump Said the N word: Flint Michigan still being poisoned and Puerto Ricans Continue to Suffer

It is pertinent that the media stop these bullshyt topics and continue to cover real news such as Flint, Michigan and their lack of clean water. Some orange idiot uttering the n-word isn’t as serious as systemic racism that continues as a result of the entire government giving less care to people of color. The media should be covering the plight of Puerto Rico Americans who are still struggling after President small dck promised to assist in the recovery. Why is the media posing a question about the N-word that everyone already knows the answer to when there is so much more important crises occurring in our nation?



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