Trump Thanks Kanye West For Silent Azz Kissing

Trump Thanks Kanye West For Silent Azz Kissing

Trump thanks Kanye West for his silent azz kissing while visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live. View the hilarious video here…

During Kanye’s stint out of the mental institution, he visited Jimmy Kimmel Live. Kanye should have known that his recent bromance with Donald Trump would be a topic of interest. Kanye wanted to explain the pressures supporting Donald Trump as an African American entertainer. Kanye famously stated during his Saint Pablo Tour in San Jose that he would have voted for Donald Trump which prompted Twitter to light his azz up.

Trump Thanks Kanye West
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When Kimmel asked about his continued support for Donald Trump despite his family separation policies at the border, Kanye decided that he no longer wanted to participate in the interview. Kimmel was forced to cut to a commercial break.

Now, let’s analyze the total hypocrisy of Kanye West’s psyche. In the past, this damn fool stated on national television that “George Bush hates black people.” Now he has the audacity to support a racist, homophobic bigot. Kanye, maybe you need to be institutionalized again, and have an aggressive colonoscopy just for shyts and giggles.


Trump Thanks Kanye for Refusing to Comment on Inhumane Treatment of Immigrants

After Kanye’s silent azz kissing debacle, Trump immediately gushed on Twitter stating:

Thank you Kanye for your support. It is making a big difference. -Trump

Any Amemrican with a decent bone in their body were overwhelmed with disgust and nausea. For all of Kanye’s support of Donald Trump, his silence about the inhumane treatment of immigrants is a testament to his character. Fck Kanye West! Fck Donald Trump for his continued deplorable policies. Let us pray that Democratic politicians can energize Americans to vote Democrat in the 2018 mid-term elections.

P.S- Kanye, Donald Trump is only using you to capture the Black vote, and you’re playing right into his hands. Don’t be conned by a conman.


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