Trump Tweets Slam Kneeling NFL Players

Trump Tweets Slam Kneeling NFL Players

Trump tweets once again slamming NFL players kneeling in protest during preseason games. Many are wondering why he’s so offended with peacefully kneeling. He was just sucking Putin’s man-balls a few weeks ago in Helsinki. I’d rather see football players kneeling than our President committing treason on the world stage. 

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“Numerous players from different teams, wanted to show their “outrage” at something that most of them are unable to define.


This is where you are wrong Mr. so-called President. The football players have clearly defined and articulated the reason for their protest. It has been proven that you have bragged about the NFL protests adding legitimacy to your horrific presidency.

And since you are the king of whataboutism, what about you respect your own intelligence agencies. What about you stop referring to the American media as “the enemy of the people?” What about you stop making up policies that are detrimental to the United States.

The farming communities in our country are struggling with these new tariffs and unnecessary trade war with China. Yes, you slapped a band-aid on the problem you caused with a bailout; but, how many bailouts can the country afford due to your ignorant policies. I don’t often agree with the politics of farmers, but I do sympathize with what they are experiencing. I don’t want family businesses ceasing to exist because you think everything is “unfair” to the United States.


Back to the NFL players, you have no right to interfere in their business. These players have worked their azzes off to play in the American football league and doesn’t owe you are anyone else an explanation about fcking kneeling. Laura Ingraham famously stated that basketball players should keep their opinions to themselves and just dribble the ball. These men are not just cattle who perform for your entertainment. They do not have to obey you as if you are a king. You, Donald Trump, and Laura Ingraham, are two lowly trolls with only the talent to mislead and divide. fck you!






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