Trump Twitter Response on John McCain

Trump Twitter Response on John McCain

Trump Twitter Response on John McCain.  The Trump twitter responses included condolences for the fallen American Patriot, John McCain, as if it were an inconvenient after thought. Trump twitter condolences was among a few unimportant Trump tweets that he could have tweeted Monday morning.

Trump Twitter Response

The American people were waiting with baited breath on the Trump twitter response regarding John McCain passing away of brain cancer; and we got what we expected. Although Donald Trump and John McCain were political adversaries, the office of the presidency should stand above emotion and respect the life of a man who dedicated most of his life to the American people. A better man than Trump would have tweeted a significant message for our fallen hero, yet Donald Trump isn’t better at anything but allegedly pissing on prostitutes and allegedly colluding with Russians. This was his message to John McCain’s family:

Trump Twitter John McCain

Trump Twitter Void of Ingenuity

Are you picturing Donald Trump handing his cellular phone to a staffer to tweet out the simplest of condolences because of low interest or boredom? There are Americans who believe that Trump should not have tweeted anything about John McCain because of the many disparaging statements that have been hurled between the two men. However, there are staunch Trump supporters who feel that the presidential tweet should be enough. We know Kathy Griffin’s stance…

Trump twitter john mccain

Even in our social media society, any American President, Democrat or Republican, would have picked up the telephone, or even flown to the home of a fallen war hero who dedicated his life to political service for six decades. Unfortunately, we don’t have a normal president with decency and a moral code. Anything happening in our country, Americans must tune in to Twitter to determine whether the President is marginally sane or having a fundamental meltdown.

Suspending Trump Twitter and Public Engagements

Maybe the idea of suspending Trump tweets for at least the weekend to honor John McCain’s passing would have been a great gesture towards the family and the American people who respected the man greatly. Why is it so hard for Trump to have at least an inkling of respect, knowing that the entire country is in mourning? If we had a respectable and sane president, presidential appearances and social media dialogue would have been suspended until the following Monday. There is nothing wrong with taking a moment to respect someone’s life. Unfortunately, Trump does not listen to his advisers or White House counsel, he just does what he wants. As the president of the United States, you are traditionally confined to certain standards of behavior, not this damn orange gargoyle.

Reflecting on Human Mortality

Death always stirs thoughts about personal mortality. Is Donald Trump so mentally removed from reality to understand that he will not live forever? We all must make that journey at the end of our lives. There is only so much time we are given on this planet with our family and friends. What will you do with yours? Does our President not understand that nothing lasts forever, even our lives? Does he care about his legacy? Does he care about how he will be remembered?

After hearing of the passing of John McCain, there have been grand statements of fidelity to his life’s dedication to the country. When Mr. Trump is confronted with his own natural mortality, what will America say about his legacy?



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