Trump’s America: Racism and Xenophobia

Trump’s America: Racism and Xenophobia

Trump’s America is a down-right scary place to live, but it’s also the funniest and most entertaining place if you seek comfort in political news with a comedic twist. As of late, in Trump’s America, citizens are more divided than ever, and our democratic principles are no longer familiar.

Ideological Clashes in Trump’s America

If you haven’t watched the late night cable news shows, you are missing out on some real political entertainment at which no American (or human being) has ever seen. The debates turn nasty and often get pretty personal. Although many Trump supporters have deemed CNN as Fake News, it is one of the few news sources that allows unreasonable Trump supporters to debate their flawed ideology no matter how idiotic they sound.

Chris Cuomo

Trump's America: Racism and Xenophobia
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Chris Cuomo has become a fan favorite with his good looks and quick wit. He seems sensible in his opinions regarding the current administration; however, he will NOT allow fools to go intellectually rogue on his watch. Check out the video in which Cuomo displayed his irritation with Rick Sentorum with a significant eye roll.

Don Lemon versus Paris Dennard

We definitely can’t leave out Don Lemon’s rowdy azz panelists who often erupt in highly charged debates about Trump, race, etc. No one gets the blood boiling like panelist and accidental black person, Paris Dennard, who will senselessly follow the GOP and Trump up a donkey’s azzhole no matter the immoral entanglements. Check out the video in which Paris rendered the panelists speechless, which was followed by a three way melt down regarding race.

Lets not forget the very DIVAish exchange between Don Lemon and Paris Dennard.  Why is Paris still booked for this show is mind-boggling; he’s such a Trump lick-azz.

Comedians Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Trump’s American has forged a firestorm of comedy that can either be a dividing or uniting tool. In the case of normal and reasonable American’s every where, comedians picking at Trump and his cult of idiotic zombies sends a message that this administration is indeed alien and is void of the norms of the norms so dear to this nation. In essence, our government is a joke.

Stephen Colbert

If you’re looking for someone who can give you funny Trump voice, my top pick is Stephen Colbert. He can deliver the funniest Trump related news with the matching voice to top off Trump’s ridiculous tweets.

Bill Maher

Bill Maher is definitely a comedian who has always been a political advocate for reasonable governance; however, he has gotten himself into trouble a few times for being a little too scandalous in his comedic tradecraft.

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