Trump’s Twitter Response to Jay-Z: Ignored By the Iconic Rapper

Trump’s Twitter Response to Jay-Z: Ignored By the Iconic Rapper

Trump decided to fck with Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z; and everyone knows you don’t fck with the Queen Bey. 

Jay-Z Is All Class While Trump’s A Classless Azz

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With a disgusting tangy orange bigot in the White House, Jay-Z expressed his political opinions and his overall disappointment in our sweaty dentured president.

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter appeared on the Van Jones show and stated that Trump’s “shithole” comment caused anger and hurt among the Black community. It wasn’t a very controversial statement as many Americans, especially those of color, expressed similar sentiments.

Jay-Z also stated that although Trump’s statements were hurtful, this is nothing new in America. There are closet racists who have deeply embedded racist feelings towards people of color, who don’t publicize it on a national platform.

The very next day, Trump probably rolled off his Russian prostitute and tweeted, while still wearing his adult diapers, the following  message:

Trump Tweets Amid Jay-Z InterviewWe can debate the jobs numbers in the Black community for months, but what we can’t debate is that Donald Trump doesn’t know when to shut the fck up. Maybe he should take a page out of the book of Jay-Z and Beyonce and be silent. He is such an embarrassing creature. Americans should not be constantly apologizing for their political leaders.

Getting back to the interview, Jay did an absolutely awesome job expressing his concerns and opinions; gosh, wish our president could do the same.

Watch Jay-Z on the Van Jones Show

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  1. I hadn’t heard about this yet, it doesn’t matter how often he does it, I’ll always be freshly horrified and embarrassed for my country every time he goes after someone on Twitter for some asinine reason! And this: “With a disgusting tangy orange bigot in the White House” I almost spit out my coffee laughing, thank you for that!

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