Formidable Women of Trump’s Administration

Formidable Women of Trump’s Administration

Formidable Women of Trump’s Administration. There is no doubt that Trump has surrounded himself with elite and formidable women who are just as cunning and conniving as their male counterparts.  Trump wanted to drain the swamp, but instead, he found very intelligent and capable female swamp creatures with immaculate powers of persuasion.

The Villainous Women of Trump’s Administration

  • Kellyanne Conway
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  • Omarosa
Women of Trump's Administration
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Women of Trump’s Administration. Kellyanne Conway, The Spinner

No matter your beef with Kellyanne Conway, this woman of the Trump administration is formidable in her own right. Prior to her joining the flailing 2016 campaign, Trump didn’t stand a chance of even driving by the White House. But Kellyanne turned that around as swiftly as Trump’s twitter fingers.

Her interviews were so mind boggling that cable news anchors sat there wondering to themselves, what the fck did she just say because it made absolutely no since to rational people. She was able to positively spin Trump’s none sense into a triumphant victory.

The inventor of Alternative Facts could stand in front of fifth avenue and shoot someone and the broad would find a way to spin right out of a murder conviction.

The problem with Kellyanne’s professional prowess is that she is using it to protect a cognitively damaged individual who would throw her skinny azz under the bus faster than he can cop a feel of his daughter’s azz.

And as I’ve said in my previous article discussing Kellyanne and her husband, don’t let Trump destroy your personal life too hunty, because after he leaves the White House, your career may be over.

Women of Trump’s Administration. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Professional Liar

Sarah Huckabee Sanders probably has the most difficult job in the administration because she has to answer questions from the press when her boss tweets something racist, irresponsible, or just plain dumb. The previous communications secretary, Sean Spicy, just couldn’t take the heat, especially knowing the falsehoods that were spewing from the podium. However; Sarah Huckabee Sanders slid right into the position and has comfortably lied and dodged her way through each press conference.

My favorite Sarah Huckabee lines:

I will refer you to outside counsel

I’m not going to do a back and forth with you

Well answer some fckn questions you evil alien from Planet Trump. The American people are genuinely tired of you not answering questions, and your excessive complaining. So what, you were denied service at a restaurant for being the mouthpiece of a pathological liar, comes with the territory hunty. And when a press secretary can give an excuse about cheese and crackers for the chief of staff, you know she’s a winning liar.

Women of Trump’s Administration. Omarosa, A Bad Bytch

Although Omarosa is no longer a leech in the Trumpy swamp, she was probably the most formidable woman with no official title that I can think of right now. We know during the campaign she was brought in to get black voters on the Trump train…choo choo. Problem with Omarosa being the token black person of the campaign was that Black people didn’t like her stank azz. Omarosa was a pawn for Donald Trump to say to his base “look, I have a black working for me.”

Omarosa was and still is a villain, but she is causing poor Trump a lot of artery buildup because she conned her way into his closely knit group and is using his playbook against him publically. He kept firing her on the Apprentice, but the bytch never really went away. Donald Trump thought his book “The Art of The Deal” was the shyt, but really, he should have named it “the Art of Omarosa” because this bytch swooped in, said the right things, and caught his stank azz off guard. Kellyanne nor Sarah could pull Omarosa’s con job off without a hitch. Personally, I can’t wait to read her book; it’s about to go down in this bytch.

Disappointment in the Formidable Women

Despite the fact that these women have or had extreme power in the Trump administration, there is no positive progress in women’s issues. The Trump administration and women’s health has been a non-factor during Trump’s presidency, and in actuality, the trump administration has threatened women’s health.


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